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Interview with AZ Yoga Community Blog

Hi all,

IMG_7901It’s been too long since I have posted.  I assure you things will be up and running again soon.  My life has directed me to an unexpected turn of events and challenges, all of which are going to enable me to embody the practice, wisdom and faith with a new perspective and a deeper courage.  I am blessed to have a team of warriors who are planning pysdo-secrect missions to help me navigate this challenging course.  To hear more of my altered journey and their gracious cause please visit Love for Robin Any and all support and encouragement is received with a gratitude heart.

In other news, I had been asked to do an interview for the AZ Yoga Community a while back, and it is now out for the viewing for all those who are interested in slightly uncensored Robin.  I find power in truth and I am not known to hide behind a veneer. I am real, I am natural, and I am confident in my imperfection….most of the time :)  Take a peak at, Surrendering to your Heart: A spotlight interview with Laughing Buddha’s Robin Afinowich  

I will be writing again soon.  My world has opened up in ways that I am still trying to find a language to describe it.

Aho, Namaste, Blessings

A winged one, Robin Afinowich



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  1. Kelly August 15, 2013 10:28 pm #

    In response to your interview with AZ Yoga Community: I had the same experience with my first pigeon pose. Thankfully I was in the comfort and security of Carrie’s class so I breathed into it and Let Go. I love you so much, Robin. Thank you for your authenticity, rawness, strength, courage and vulnerability.

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